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4 Tools to Rent this Season

by Admin on 04/30/19

Spring is finally here and the home and garden is in need of some TLC. As you conduct your spring cleaning and plan out your summer projects there are a number of pieces of equipment that will make your life easier. Now, we can’t all manage to own every tool or piece of equipment. Between storage, maintenance, and the sheer economics of usefulness it is not realistic that we will all have our own maintenance shed packed to the brim with equipment. As such, here are some useful tools to consider renting (rather than purchasing) this summer:

  1. Pressure Washer

One of the most important tools in home and deck maintenance is the pressure washer. By allowing you the full power of water and cleaning products at your disposal, you can rid your property of those pesky leaf and mold stains that will begin to develop (particularly on older surfaces). Whether it’s a concrete driveway, siding, or your wooden deck every inch of your property could use a good spray down – especially after all the pollen of spring!

  1. Rototiller

A powerful piece of equipment to use in those deeper, in-ground garden beds, a rototiller will help you churn up compacted, dense soil and make it much more malleable for your seedlings or transplants. Most importantly, mixing the organic-rich humus from the top layer of soil into the subsequent lower layers will help ensure nutrient efficiency that will keep your plants fed and full all summer long with less need for fertilizers.

  1. Aerator

Aerating your lawn is useful to avoid compacted soil and give your grass a healthier disposition. However, seeing as most lawns only require aeration once a year this is not something you need to worry about purchasing.

  1. Saws

While owning a circular is useful if you do more than one project a year, table saws can be expensive to purchase and even more expensive not to have on your project. Instead, opt for the best of both worlds: renting. If you find yourself doing a project that might lend itself to a specific saw make sure you’re not left in the dark without one.

All in all, it never hurts to have tools around the house. However, unless your hobby is woodworking or you spend a great deal of time on your own home repairs or farming certain pieces of equipment just aren’t necessary. In fact, you’ll lose money repairing them year after year.

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