5 Top Power Equipment You’ll Need in the Spring

aerator working on field

5 Top Power Equipment You’ll Need in the Spring

Come spring, it’s time to get back out there and work on your lawn and yard now that the winter season is over. To restore them to their former beauty, you’ll need the right power equipment to clear out stones or debris, trim grass, tidy up your landscape and spruce up your garden. Below are some of the outdoor spring cleaning and gardening power equipment that you’ll need this spring.



The winter season takes a toll on your lawn, robbing plants of key nutrients and damaging their roots. An aerator can be used to help return some life to your lawn. It works by removing plugs of soil or poking holes into the lawn to allow the damaged plant roots to receive nutrients from fertilizer, air, and water, restoring lushness and health to the lawn. Think about your needs, maneuverability, operating width, benefits, and ease of transport when selecting an aerator to use this spring.


Lawn Mower

A good mowing job can go a long way to add some vibrancy to your lawn that needs some tending to come springtime. A powered lawn mower provides cosmetic benefits, leaving your lawn properly groomed and pleasing to the eyes. The type of power lawn mower you’ll need may be dependent on the size of your lawn, level of terrain, as well as the type of obstacles on the terrain.



Leaves and dead grass, among other natural debris, build up over the winter season. This can choke out your lawn if left to run amok. A dethatcher can be used to remedy this problem, by helping the lawn to regrow and thrive, allowing roots to receive nutrients and moisture lost to the winter frost. When choosing the perfect dethatcher to think about factors such as capability, dethatcher properties, area to be dethatched and storage.


Pressure Washer

The winter could have taken a toll on your outdoor space, from decking to furniture. A pressure washer can be used to power wash wooden surfaces(decks, house siding, outdoor furniture), as well as brick walkways and concrete driveways, removing a stubborn stain, accumulated dirt and oil, and grease. This is one of the best tools for your outdoor spring cleaning.


Stump Grinder

Unsightly tree stumps can be a hazard in your yard. The can be a trip hazard, insect and fungus haven and also diminishes curb appeal. A stump grinder has the capacity to grind away stumps and break them down to chips and dust. You can choose a stump grinder based on the size and number of stumps and hardness.


With the right power equipment, you can perform your outdoor spring cleaning, transforming your lawn and garden into the beautiful landscape you desire. Contact Tri-Rent-All Hampton or Tri-Rent-All Portsmouth for details and availability!

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