6 Gardening Tools Every Homeowner in New Hampshire Needs

trimming a bush with a hedge trimmer

6 Gardening Tools Every Homeowner in New Hampshire Needs

Maybe you are a gardener at heart or a homeowner who simply cannot escape the occasional gardening that is necessary throughout the year. You cannot tackle gardening without having the right tools since the right tools can make a world of difference. Your New Hampshire home garden shed should have certain gardening tools if you want your yard to be beautiful and appealing. Let’s look at six gardening tools that every homeowner in New Hampshire needs for either large or small gardening projects.


Lawn Mower

A beautiful, vibrant lawn requires a good mowing job, so having a lawn mower is just what you need to make your lawn pop. A lawn mower will help you maintain a healthy lawn, keeping weeds away and your grass groomed. You don’t have to buy the most expensive mower out there, just a cordless electric mower that is efficient. So do your homework when making this gardening investment.



Edging your lawn is a great way to add an extra dimension of crispness and cleanness to your lawn so you don’t have any extra grass or weed hanging on the side. Your driveway and sidewalk won’t look sloppy because you allow growth and weeds to run wild. Think of edging as a practical cosmetic job that is an essential part of lawn care. An electric edger that is lightweight can help with any edging job you might have.


Pole Saw

When doing your gardening, you can run into the problem of getting to hard-to-reach areas when pruning trees and large shrubs. Where using a step ladder can be hazardous and even tedious, an electric pole saw is quite convenient, enabling the job to be easier when cutting branches that are too difficult using a hand pruner.


Leaf Blower

When it comes to the fall months, in particular, an electric leaf blower is what you need to clean your lawn or backyard, when the ground around your house is covered with dry leaves. For complete removal and efficiency, a leaf blower is lightweight, easy to carry and use, and requires little maintenance.



An electric chainsaw is a useful gardening tool that can be used to cut trees of various sizes that you may no longer want in your yard or huge branches that may hang too close to your house. You can also trim and prune bushes more easily than using a pair of shears.


Hedge Trimmer

To keep your unruly garden hedges in check, an electric hedge trimmer is ideal for shearing garden plants or sculpting shrubs. It is easy to handle, quiet when using, and lightweight in design, which is what you need when gardening.


It is much easier to garden with the right tools in your shed. You can make your yard and lawn maintenance much easier, get rid of unwanted shrubs and cut branches or a whole tree with gardening tools that are easy to use and efficient. Go shopping or hit up your local equipment rental store to get the tools that you need for your gardening project. Contact Tri-rent-All of Hampton or Portsmouth for any of your equipment rental needs!

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