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6 Tips You Should Know When Cleaning Your Yard After Winter

Living in New England means dealing with a lot of unexpected severe weather. One day it’s 60 degrees and sunny outside, the next, we’re closing schools and businesses due to a winter storm. All that snow and ice during the winter will wreak havoc on your beautiful yard. As the spring starts to peak its head, and you start spending more time outside, consider using these tips to clean up winter’s affliction on your home’s yard.

Rock Salt

Rock Salt, Snow Melt, & other de-icing products are great for keeping you grounded when walkways are icy but can inflict damage to your greenery. When the snow starts to melt, sweep or wash away the excess snow. Another tip to consider is adding agricultural gypsum to the areas where the rock salt has come into contact with your lawn or greenery. Agricultural gypsum works as a conditioner and fertilizer to improve the soil.

Shrubs & Burlap

If you covered your shrubs and trees with burlap before winter, now is a good time to remove the burlap. With harsher winter conditions, damage can still be afflicted to your plants. Carefully investigate each shrub or tree for damage, and prune any damaged branches off. This allows new growth to take place in the damaged branch.

Dead Material & Litter

During the winter, debris & litter may have ended up on your yard. Once the snow melts, all of this will be uncovered. This goes without saying, but all this waste will have to be cleaned up. Also, watch out for dog waste that may have been buried under the snow!

Weed Control

During those warmer days, of 50 degrees or more, it’s a good idea to apply a weed control solution to prone areas. If you pull any weeds, be sure to toss them in the trash and not in the compost pile where they can sprout and spread!

Snow Mold

If the snowfall in your area was significant, you may find gray or pink snow mold on your lawn. Especially if the lawn was not raked of leaves in the fall. Use a rake to move away from the dead foliage, and allow your lawn to dry and recover.


Now is a good time to start spreading fertilizer on your entire lawn. This will ensure you have luscious grass growth, so that you may enjoy it in the summertime!

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