8 Essential Tools for Properly Hanging Drywall

Installing drywall on a construction remodel site using power tools and hand knives

8 Essential Tools for Properly Hanging Drywall

When offering professional contracting services, the tools you use say as much as your business as your portfolio does. By using the proper tools for hanging drywall, you can achieve a higher quality result using less time and energy. Although some of the tools you need are standard in any toolbox and can easily be found on hand, there are others that are much more specialized for drywall material. To learn more about the most essential tools you need for hanging drywall, read on.

1. Electric Drywall Saw

Electric Drywall Saws are specially designed to easily slice through and cut sections of drywall for professional installation. These saws are generally larger than a standard jab saw and are easier to manage with its battery-powered motor.

2. T-Square

T-squares are extremely useful for creating straight lines and edges at a steady, set degree angle to fit your project. Unlike standard models, Drywall T-Squares are much longer and can reach a length of 4 feet. Also, their heads are much larger to give them the ability to reach over the edge of the material.

3. Assorted Drywall Knives

Drywall knives are the most basic and important of tools to gather when preparing to install drywall. Available in a variety of sizes, these knives are used to spread the drywall mud over the seams to create a permanent seal. It is recommended to use three main sizes during assembly: 4, 6, and 12 inches.

4. Utility Knife

Utility knives are a common staple in any professional contractor’s toolbox. With so many uses, this multi-functional tool can come in handy when installing drywall in a home or business. Before using any knife for a construction project, it is important to make sure that the blade is clean, sharp, and firmly attached to the handle.

5. Abrasive Sandpaper & Sponges

Handheld sandpaper sponges are used to smooth down the freshly installed drywall and make any necessary touch-ups. These sheets are available in a variety of abrasiveness to get the desired smooth finish you are looking for. Many professionals prefer these sponges over a power sander due to their ability to be easily controlled and manipulated. At Tri-Rent-All, we offer Drywall Sanders that decrease the amount of time and energy needed to perform drywall installations. Contact us today for any rental inquiries in Portsmouth or Hampton, NH.

6. Electric Power Drill

An electric power drill is useful for fastening the drywall in place during installation. By using a high-output battery supply, power drills offer more force and decrease the amount of time and energy needed when compared to a hand tool. Electric drills are used to mount each drywall screw in place to fully secure the drywall in its desired location.

7. Drywall Screws

In addition to an electric power drill, drywall screws are used to firmly attach the drywall to its final location. Drywall screws are characterized by their ability to effortlessly glide into wooden material and are available in a variety of threads.

8. Safety Equipment

As in any construction project, the most important tools you can have on site are safety equipment. Dusk masks, also known as KN95 masks, are essential to keep any debris or toxins in the environment out of your lungs. Helmets, gloves, and other protective gear are always highly recommended to minimize any risk of personal injury on the job.

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Installing drywall is an essential skill for construction and can be simple to do by using the proper tools and supplies. Hanging drywall is a key step to building a structure and remodeling a home. If you are looking to rent power tools, construction equipment, and safety supplies in Portsmouth or Hampton, NH, Tri-Rent-All offers a wide range of inventory for all projects. For a full list of our inventory, visit our website, or fill out our contact form to receive more information.

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