Construction, Landscaping, & Contracting Equipment Rentals in Kennebunk, Maine

Located just a 30 minute drive from our location in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Kennebunkport is a popular destination for tourists during the spring and summer for it’s proximity to beaches and other coastal properties throughout Maine. On top of that, there are many homeowners throughout the area that are handling a variety of landscaping projects in the area. Whether you are a local contractor or a DIY-er, if you need special equipment and tools for a project in the Kennebunkport area, we would be happy to help. We provide equipment to homeowners and landscapers throughout the area at daily and hourly rates.

Loaders, Excavators, & Lifts Rental For Kennebunkport

For big landscaping projects, you need the right tool. We provide skid steer loaders including Bobcats as well as lifts, excavators, and other heavy machinery. For many homeowners that have a single project in mind, a tool like this would go a long way in excavating or moving materials throughout their property, but they likely don’t plan to own a tool like this long term. We provide both daily rates, and 4-hour rates, so if you need a loader for the weekend or you just need to use it for a quick project, we would be happy to help. Click below to see our inventory of loaders, excavators, and lifts, or give us a call for more information regarding rental, pick-up, and drop-off. 

Power Tools, Construction Tools, Generators, & More For Rental in Kennebunkport

We provide a variety of construction tools including: 

  • Air hammers
  • Hand saws
  • Compactors
  • Floor Saws
  • Compressors
  • & Generators

If you need any of these tools for a quick construction project, either indoor or outdoor, and are interested in renting it for a few days or for a few hours, we would be happy to help. At our Portsmouth location, we have a large variety of saws, compressors, compactors, and more. It is perfect for any homeowner working on their deck, or even an indoor project like building shelving. For more information please contact our team or click below to view our inventory. 

Landscaping, Hardscaping, Lawn Equipment for Rental Near Kennebunkport

If you live in Kennbunkport or the surrounding area and need landscaping, hardscaping, or lawn equipment, please give us a call. Our office in Portsmouth has a variety of pieces of equipment that can help you do the job right and do it much more efficiently. We rent out brush cutters, seeders, aerators, chainsaws, and more for daily rates. Whatever project you are working on, we would be happy to provide you the tools you need. 

Equipment Repair Services in Portsmouth & Hampton

If you already own your own tools but need repairs or sharpening, you can bring your tools to either our Portsmouth or Hampton locations. Our team would be happy to help get your tools back into working order. For more information please contact us at either of our locations.