Cordless vs Corded Power Tools

Cordless vs Corded Power Tools

Depending on the situation, as well as the tool, you might want to use cordless or corded power tools. While there are benefits and drawbacks to each, we will walk you through which situations are best suited for both cordless and corded tools.

Maximum Mobility

If you’re on a job site, high up, or just don’t have a power outlet nearby, using a battery powered power tool is a great way to maintain maximum mobility. When you need to get around all sorts of tight angles and corners, the battery powered tool is definitely the way to go. One of the most common situations is when you are building a house that has not yet been wired for electricity. Sure you’ll have a generator on site, but if you’re working with a few team members, cordless can help increase your options.

Battery Capacity

But one thing to keep in mind with cordless power tools is that they often cannot deliver the same amount of power or torque to your job. In cases where you’re working with heavier materials, or larger drill bits, you really need more power at your disposal. While developments are happening and battery powered tools are getting better all the time, sometimes it’s easier just to go with the tried and true corded power tool.

Cord Damage

Especially when working with saws or sharp bits, it’s possible for the cord on your tool to get sliced or even severed. This is definitely something you need to be careful about, because these cuts can leave you vulnerable to electric shock or damage. Aside from the dangers, they can also halt the building process and cause you to make a repair or a new purchase.

Battery Pack Sets

One of the great things about cordless or battery powered power tools is that they often come in sets and will share the same battery or battery charger. This is both a convenient and affordable option if you’re looking to pick up a set of tools that can all utilize the same charging technology at a relatively low price.

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