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Cutting Concrete With Rental Equipment

Cutting concrete can seem like an intimidating task. With rental equipment, you’ll be able to cut concrete like a pro! Concrete is very versatile and can be used for so many different things. From patios to walkways, it’s a great material that will last for years to come. How do you cut concrete and make changes to its shape? Instead of ripping it up and starting new in order to make changes, you can use equipment to make cuts to bring in a new look to your concrete.

Why Should May Need to Cut Concrete

Making changes to concrete is normal, as your preferences and style changes. There are many other reasons you may need to end up cutting concrete in the future. Concrete can shrink and crack over time, so cutting concrete before this can help save it. If you have pipes or sewage lines underneath your concrete, they may need to be exposed for repairs or inspection at some point. This will mean the concrete has to be cut to some degree. Another reason to cut it can be for aesthetic purposes. You might not want a long driveway anymore or want to cut down on the size of your walkway. Cutting concrete can help you do a slight remodel! You can also cut concrete to make holes for fencing, a gate, or another yard structure. 

How to Cut Concrete Safely

There are plenty of ways to properly and safely cut concrete on your own using rental tools:

Use The Right Saw

Use a diamond blade on your saw to get the right cut. A small and shallow saw will be your best bet when it comes to cutting. If you need to cut very deep, a walk-behind saw might be a better option to get consistent results.

Be Sure to Wear Safety Gear

A saw can cause a lot of damage if there is an accident. In case something were to ever happen, wearing safety gear will save you a lot of trouble. Wear a mask to keep particles out of your lungs, earplugs to help with the noise, and goggles to protect your eyes from dust and particles flying around.

Read Directions

Once you’ve chosen your rental saw, be sure to read up on how to use it or ask your rental professionals at Tri-Rent-All! We are more than happy to help.

Contact Tri-Rent-All

Tri-Rent-All is here to help you make changes to your concrete. Visit our rental shops in Hampton and Portsmouth, NH, to see how we can choose the best rental for your project. Give us a call to either location –  (603) 926-2211 (Hampton) or (603) 431 – 1109 (Portsmouth) or fill out our contact form for more information.

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