Differences Between Grinders and Sanders

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Differences Between Grinders and Sanders

When renting equipment for any home project, it’s hard to choose the right one when some of the options seem similar. Grinders and sanders are the tools to use when working with different surfaces. Tri-Rent-All is happy to rent out both sanders and grinders. What are the differences between the two? 


A few types of grinders are available, and the most popular and most referred to is an angle grinder. An angle grinder can be either cordless or with a chord and has a rotating disk on the end of it. The disc can be switched out to accommodate different projects. There are discs for metal, wood, and other materials, as well as ones for polishing. They are versatile tools that can be used for many different projects. Grinders also have a handle on the side to hold as you use it. They can be removed.


A sander is typically used for woodworking and has sandpaper to create a smooth surface and remove paint or stain from wood. When you use a belt sander, there is sandpaper in a belt-shape that moves between the tool. When you use a palm sander or orbit sander, those use pads of sandpaper.

What Are The Key Differences?

These two tools are very different from each other overall. They each have various attachments that can be used on them. Angle grinders use discs of all sorts, and sanders use sandpaper pads or sandpaper belts. The amount of different sander attachments is more limited than discs for an angle grinder.

Versatility of Grinders vs. Sanders

Sanders are only used to sand, but grinders can be used for multiple things. They can cut through metal, strip metal, and polish surfaces. Be aware of what your project entails before choosing which of these to rent. Maybe you need both or one. Consult with Tri-Rent-All is you are unsure of which tool to rent!

Safety Tips for Using Grinders and Sanders

Grinders are typically more dangerous to use than sanders. Grinders cut through things as hard as metal, so be cautious while operating one. Wear gloves and goggles when cutting anything with a grinder. Sanders are usually on the safer side to use; they create a lot of dust in the air. Consider wearing a mask around a sander, so you don’t inhale any of the dust and wood chips.

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