Do My Tools Need Repair?

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Do My Tools Need Repair?

When a power tool needs to be repaired or replaced, it can really slow down your work load. Most of these tools are built tough, and can withstand a lot of pressure and hard work thrown their way, but every tool has its limitations. If you keep out for signs that your tools need repairs, or even replacements, you’ll save yourself the time and energy that it costs to work with tools that aren’t at their most efficient.

Lower Performance

It’s much harder to tell when a tool isn’t performing at the top of its game once you’ve had it for some time. Oftentimes your construction tools will slowly lose their edge which is totally normal. The problem is when it gets to a point where they are slowing you down. Try and remember how they cut through the noise out of the box. If they aren’t performing to at least 75% of that then something needs to be done.

Beyond your own work efficiency, regular maintenance and repairs maximize the total lifespan of your products. As repairing is usually more cost effective than replacing, the longer you can keep the same tools the more money you’ll keep in your pocket.

Checking battery retention is always an easy first thing to do for wireless tools. While they might appear to be fully charged, the actual amount of power they are retaining and delivery could be much less than that. Replacements are usually relatively affordable and a low risk investment if multiple tools share the same kind.

It’s also possible that while the batteries are performing well, the mechanical components of the tools have just worn out. If you’ve already tried brand new batteries with little to no improvement in performance it could be a mechanical problem that either needs to be fixed or replaced. To decide which plan of action is the right one, keep in mind that if the repairs cost half or more of the cost of a replacement, it’s a better bet to replace it. If the tool is getting to the older side, more than five years old, it’s also worth looking into a new tool.

Visible Damage

Once a tool shows wear and tear to the naked eye, it’s most likely time to hang it up. This guideline exists for one simple reason: safety. Worn out tools aren’t just subject to lower efficiency and lower lifespan- they can also cause real harm to those using or even in close proximity to the use of the tools. When it comes to tools that deal with high pressure or speeds, consider the risk doubled. If a tool is behaving unpredictably, halt use immediately and seek repairs as soon as possible. This includes uncommon sounds or smells!

Similar to a new battery pack, power cord replacements are another easy repair that can save you a lot of effort. There aren’t many tools out there that don’t have at least one sharp edge, and sharp edges lead to cut cords. Exposed wire in the cords can lead to electrical shock, burn or other issues with your tools.

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