Easy Winter Home Improvement Projects

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Easy Winter Home Improvement Projects

Winter is a great time to get things done around your house. At Tri-Rent-All, our rental experts can provide you with the necessary rental equipment and tools to get any home improvement projects done! With COVID-19 making it challenging to do much in the winter, why not do some home projects? Here are some home improvement ideas that you can easily do in the upcoming months:

Start By Decluttering Your Home

Over the course of the pandemic, you may have cluttered up your home more than usual. Being home more often sometimes allows for a messier space. Take the winter months to clean out your home and keep what you really need. This can help you enjoy your home more and not have to worry about a mess. Once you clean out your home, you can easily get home improvement projects done! Your home will look amazing in no time. 

Revamp Your Floors

Whether you want to get rid of carpet, put carpet down, or rip up your floors entirely, revamping your floors can make a big difference in your home. At Tri-Rent-All, we offer floor sanders, floor edgers, floor grinders, floor buffers, and floor strippers to get you started on this project. You want to make sure you have a good base! Even if you don’t want to do all of the floors over in your home, picking one or two rooms you frequently utilize will make all the difference.

Repainting Your Interior

A fresh coat of paint can turn any room into a brand new space. Tri-Rent-All can help you out with rentals for wallpaper steamers, step ladders, and more to help you be able to paint your walls. Having wallpaper on some walls might slow you down. Luckily, using our steamer, you can make your removal process a bit easier. Are you repainting your whole home? You’ll probably need a ladder to reach the highest points of the walls. We want you to be able to paint any inch of your home.

Redoing Your Bathroom

Bathrooms need some sprucing up once in a while. We want to make it easy! This is another room in your home where you can utilize a wallpaper steamer, sanders, and even use some plumbing equipment. Bathrooms are a small space but deserve a large amount of personality! Make this a space that you work on this winter.

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Tri-Rent-All can make it easy to get anything done around your home! Contact either of our locations to learn more about our rental tools and equipment. Call Hampton or Portsmouth to get in touch with our rental experts! You can also send us a message here.

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