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Excavator Safety Tips

When it comes to operating heavy construction equipment, excavators are as serious as they come. It is best not to take such a piece of machinery lightly, as it can be confusing and complicated. Whether you’re digging trenches, drilling shafts, doing landscaping, mulching forestry, or using the equipment for any other type of construction purposes, before learning how to operate it, you’ll need to know the basic safety precautions in order to avoid any accidents.



  • Make sure you fasten your seatbelt, as it’s not there solely for security but also for comfort considerations.
  • Set the mirrors and make sure they are clean.
  • Check the controls and propel system, ensure that everything is functional.



  • Do not allow any passengers into the excavator to prevent unwanted injuries. This machine is designed for construction, not ride-sharing.
  • Reduce the excavator’s speed while working in congested or rough terrain areas.
  • Choose flat routes and steer the excavator as straight as possible. Don’t make sharp turns.
  • When the bucket attachment is loaded, keep it low for the overall balance and better visibility.
  • Do not dig underneath the excavator.
  • When loading, don’t swing the bucket, or any loose material is at risk of falling
  • Do not clean the excavator’s bucket by striking it on the ground or against another object.



  • Park the unit on a leveled surface before shutting down the machine.
  • Set the RPM to low idle before shutting the engine off with the key switch.
  • Lock up the cab when exiting the excavator.


Practice with the control movements before doing any serious excavating. Develop your coordination so that you can effectively dig a hole, as well as drop the dirt anywhere. To refill the hole, simply use the bucket in its downward position to knock the dirt back in.

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