Help! My Tools Got Wet – What Do I Do?

Help! My Tools Got Wet – What Do I Do?

Wet Power Tools Can Be Dangerous

If your power tools are exposed to water, it’s important to take the proper steps to avoid injury or damage to the tool. Power drills, saws, and other equipment become dangerous when they are wet. It’s essential to take the right steps to keep yourself and your tools safe. In this blog, you will learn what to do if your power tools get wet.

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Locate Where the Tool Got Wet

The first step is to identify where the tool got wet. If the cord was exposed to water, it’s important to unplug it immediately. If the tool fell into a sink or got wet in the rain, you’ll need to assess the damage. If the tool is exposed to standing water, it’s best to remove it from the source of moisture immediately.

Dry the Tool Immediately

Once you have removed the power tool from the source of moisture, the next step is to dry it off. You can use a soft cloth to wipe the tool down, taking care to avoid getting any electrical parts wet. If the tool is battery-operated, you may need to open up the casing and dry off the individual pieces.

Clean the Tool to Clear Any Dirt, Debris, or Dust

Once the tool is completely dry, take a soft cloth and give it a thorough cleaning. This will ensure that any residual moisture or dirt is removed, reducing the chance of further corrosion or damage.

Inspect the Tool for Any Damage

After cleaning the tool, it’s important to inspect it for any signs of damage. For items with removable components, such as drill bits and saw blades, you should check to make sure they are still in good working order. If any of the components appear damaged or worn, it’s best to replace them.

Test the Tool Before Using

Once you have inspected and cleaned the tool, it’s time to test it out. Plug in the tool and turn it on, making sure to keep your hands away from any moving parts. If the tool works properly, you can then use it as normal.

Replace the Tool if Necessary

If the tool does not work properly, or you are concerned about lasting damage to the internal components, it’s best to replace it with a new one. Power tools are an investment, and it’s important to take proper care of them to ensure their longevity.

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