How To Add Holiday Decorations to Office Buildings/Skyscrapers

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How To Add Holiday Decorations to Office Buildings/Skyscrapers

Enjoying the holiday festivities isn’t something to save only for your home. Spreading seasonal joy and wonder to your office space is a great way to establish bonding amongst the team and relieve any end-of-year stress. Simply donning an ugly sweater may add a sprinkle of holiday cheer to the workplace, but decorating the office both inside and outside can really make a difference. Let’s explore a few ways to decorate your office building.

Encourage Employees to Decorate Their Spaces

Nothing is better than seeing your employees add their own – appropriate – flair to their work stations. Ask them to bring in items that reflect their holiday sentiment if they choose, such as wreaths, stockings, or a tabletop tree. You can even turn it into a contest to prompt more people to join in on the fun, offering gift cards or sports tickets as a reward. This is a cost-effective and morale boosting option that will enhance the entire building all season long.

Use a Projector

The logistics of decorating a large office building or skyscraper can be tough. Coordinate with the owner of the building and use a projector to display snowflakes, reindeer, or other holiday decorations on the building’s exterior. This is much easier than decking out the whole building with multiple decorations, and it’s easy to change the projection each day.

Hang String Lights

This simple addition to the interior and exterior of the building really makes all the difference. Though you should hire external contractors to complete the job for the outside of large buildings, this is a fun opportunity for employees to gather and come up with the perfect design for inside the office. To keep things safe, we offer step ladder rentals at both our Hampton and Portsmouth locations. They range from 6 feet to 14 feet, giving you enough variety to get the job done!

Place a Tree in the Lobby

A tree in the lobby adds a spark to the workplace immediately when you walk in. Visitors and staff alike will be charmed by a brightly lit, aptly decorated Fraser fir. To make the experience equitable for all, you can place neutral decorations across the tree, even taking the time to make sure each office contributes a few ornaments that reflect their business.

Use Stockings For Treats and Secret Santa

Stockings lend a chance for an easy gift exchange before a holiday break. Place the stockings around the office with the names of your employees. You can also place a few for any pets or children that tend to frequent the space. Team members can place small mementos in the stockings and store  their Secret Santa gifts in there for safe keeping. They can even remain empty and be draped along stair railings for some additional flair.

Wrap the Building in a Bow

Why not make the entire building one big present? A large display you can make is tying a bow across the whole building. This works well for large buildings or skyscrapers that won’t be overwhelmed by it. Even one corner of the building can be decorated with a bow if you prefer something slightly more subtle.

Are you in need of equipment rentals to build holiday displays or create a cheerful environment in your office? We’ve got you covered. Connect with us at Tri-Rent-All today for any of your construction or building maintenance needs!

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