How to Choose a Bobcat for Snow Removal

How to Choose a Bobcat for Snow Removal

Winter in the North means snow is coming and will need to be removed. A great way to keep high traffic areas free of snow is through the use of the right Bobcat snow removal machines. If you’re buying or renting, choosing the best machine for the job means you can save on time and money. Here are some of the greatest bobcat machines you can use this holiday season and the best conditions and locations to use them in:


Mini track loader

This walk behind the machine is best used in tight spaces like sidewalks and other walkways. Simple controls make this easy to use and it turns the ordeal of clearing snow into a simple task.


All-wheel steer loader

This is like a two in one, you can switch from all-wheel steering to skid-steer mode with just one switch. This machine is best for turning on hard surfaces with little sliding when clearing out snow. Two-speed settings allow you to better move the snow using momentum rather than force to plow through and shovel snow off the concrete.


Skid-steer loader

This was designed with maneuverability in mind. Good for open areas or tight spaces, the skid-steer loader can lift and load snow to other areas. It features a closed cab with heat to keep the cold out as well as two-speed transmission to optimize your plowing.


Utility Vehicle

Features four-wheel drive and a heated cab. The Utility Vehicle is best for removing light to moderate snow from sidewalks and pathways. While not optimal for heavy snow removal, it can still get the job done.


If you have any additional questions about Bobcat machines, visit the company’s website!


If you’re ready to rent or buy any one of the machines listed above, feel free to call us or contact Tri-Rent-All online!

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