How to Choose the Right Grease for the Equipment

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How to Choose the Right Grease for the Equipment

Different equipment requires different types of grease in order to work properly in the long run. The most important step is choosing the right viscosity, most suitable for operating conditions. As one tire doesn’t fit all the vehicles, all grease doesn’t fit all the equipment. The simple explanation is that all equipment has different operating requirements and conditions. For example, extreme pressure or low viscosity can cause the metal to metal contact, which leads to welding.


The most important factors to consider when choosing the grease are temperature, speed, and load. 220 viscosity can be used in many applications and is considered a norm for multi-purpose greases. High-speed applications, such as electric motors, require low viscosity of ISO 100 degrees. Evidently, low-speed applications require a grease with a high viscosity grade. High temperatures or high loads usually require ISO 460. Another factor to look out for is NLGI grade. Make sure to switch from NLGI #2 to NLGI #1 as we’re drifting into the colder time of the year.

Other considerations except for viscosity can be thickening types and additives, pumpability, load carrying capabilities (extreme pressure/antiwear properties), water ingression and dirt contamination. Review the requirements of your equipment carefully, as “one-fits-all” is not always the optimal way to go. If you need further personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to our professionals at Tri-Rent-All! Call 603-926-2211 (Hampton, NH) or 603-431-1109 (Portsmouth, NH)!

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