How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard

A beautiful yard enhances the look and feel of a home, and spring is a great time to do some yard work and restore beauty to your space after a long winter. Having the right tools to perform a lawn trimming is important, especially when you factor in terrain, lawn size and obstacles like plants. A lawn mower is the go-to tool for lawn care and there are a wide range of options out there. You may not be sure which lawn mower to get, whether you are buying one for the first time doing an upgrade. Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind when selecting a lawn mower. 

Push Mowers For Small Lawns 

If your lawn is below 500 square feet, a manual reel mower can easily be used to cut the patch of lawn. While you have to move at a fast pace to activate the blades adequately, the absence of an engine makes this mower eco-friendly and low maintenance. It is convenient for storing vertically positioned against a wall. You can find this push reel can be found in the standard 16″ wide size, but available on the market is also the 14″ and 20″ model.

Versatile Walk-Behind Mowers 

The traditional powered walk-behind mowers have long been commonplace on American lawns. These are reliable two-stroke powered mowers that can last for years with adequate maintenance. Capable of cutting numerous square miles of lawn, these mowers are available in sizes that range from 20″-22″, as well as gas and electric options. Keep in mind that gas mowers possess more power and run for longer periods than electric mowers. Gas mowers also need to be maintained to ensure longevity unlike the electric  mowers that are available as cordless or corded that operate much cleaner.

Corded walk-behind mowers are limited by the length of the cord in how much ground it can cover. While most cordless mowers are 40-volt, there are some bands that have 80-volt cordless mowers. Other factors to consider includes choosing between push or propelled, or two or all-wheel drive. For assistance up inclines and larger lawns, though heavy and challenging to maneuver, all-wheel drive walk-behind mowers are more ideal. For small, flat yards, compact push mowers can get the job done, while self-propelled mowers allow for easier and faster mowing. With walk-behind mowers, handling of grass clippings can either be ejected via side discharge, mulching or bagging.

Mowers for a Huge Lawn

  • Riding mowers are best for lawn jobs that will take more than two hours to complete.  These mowers typically have a rear-mounted motor and are designed for mowing smaller sized lawns and performing quick lawn cutting tasks. They can cost up to $1000.
  • Lawn tractors have wider cutting decks and powerful engines, and some can be fitted with attachments (example, spreaders, aerators) for power takeoff (PTO) functions. Some lawn tractors have advanced features, like four-wheel steering, cruise control and even headlights. On the low end, these can cost $1,500 and on the high end, more than $4,000.
  • For your landscaping or golf course maintenance needs, zero-turn mowers cut fast and feature precision turning, but it’s lap bar steering can be challenging for some users. If you have a large, flat lawn with obvious obstacles like trees, this mower is ideal and can cost between $5000 and $12000.

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It’s important to know about a product before making a purchase and the same applies when buying a lawn mower. If you’re buying a mower, Tri-Rent-All can help you to make the right selection based on your specific needs. With a variety of lawn mowers to choose from, you can be sure that you will get the lawn mower that you want.


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