How to Cut Through Metal & the Equipment You’ll Need

contractor or electrician or plumber cutting through metal with a specialized saw to accurately cut metal

How to Cut Through Metal & the Equipment You’ll Need

What Is The Best Way To Cut Metal?

To a novice cutting metal might seem like a difficult task, especially if you have little experience working with metal. There are many different types of metals, and different reasons to need to cut or shape metal. From simply breaking down a metal fence, to building something out of metal, it is important to always understand the safety implications of any DIY project you are handling. The best way to handle safety is to understand the tools and techniques needed for the metal cutting project. In this article we will different ways metal can be cut. If you live in New Hampshire and are looking to rent power tools and equipment for a day or a few days, please give us a call or visit our online inventories for our Portsmouth and Hampton locations. 

Can You Use a Hacksaw to Cut Metal?

Yes, one of the most common ways to cut metal like copper pipes or conduit is a simple hacksaw. Plumbers and electricians, freqeuently use hacksaws for cutting metal. When using a hacksaw be aware of the metal shavings that will be created as you cut the metal. Also make sure you choose the right blade for your hacksaw. A carbon steel blade will be adequate for cutting through copper or lead, but if you need to cut through a harder metal you will need a stronger blade. Another thing to be aware of is the teeth on the blade. More teeth will lead to a finer cut. If you need a fine finish, you sould aim for a 32 TPI (teeth per inch) blade, and if you need a faster coarse cut you can go with a lower TPI, like 18. 

What Is An Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder which is also sometimes referred to as a disc grinder, is a great tool for cutting either hard or soft metals. Different grinding or cutting discs can be interchanged in order to get the right cut for the metal you are working with. Angle grinders are used by auto repair shops, plumbers, and welders because you can set a specific angle for precise cutting paths. This is more of an advanced tool than a simple hacksaw, so it is important to understand the safety instructions and potentially get recommendations on disc choice and use before you use it. If you are inexperienced with cutting metal, it is recommended that you discuss your project with an equipment seller or rental team that can make recommendations and provide you with instructions and safety information before you handle your project. 

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