How to Fill a STIHL Brushcutter with New Gas Fuel

A STIHL brushcutter is a great machine for doing some quick maintenance around your property. They are ideally designed to remove weeds and shrubs from around curbs, the sides of lots, and around streets. As a gas-powered machine, it is always necessary to replace the fuel as needed. It is important to make sure that you do this safely. Gas is, of course, very flammable, so above all, you should always make sure there is ample distance between you and any naked flames. It is also recommended that you do not fill up the gas tank near your worksite. You should be at least three yards away from the location where you are working at to ensure there is no spill of fuel nearby where you will be working the machine. 

homeowner or professional landscaper replacing the fuel in a gas stihl brushcutter to keep it performing its best when landscaping a residential or commercial lawn

Step One: Turn Off The Engine

It goes without saying, but before you refuel, you need to turn off the engine. Give the engine time to cool down completely before refilling the tank. A hot engine could be a potential fire hazard, and as mentioned before, fire and gas are a huge safety risk. To that point, when refilling a tank, make sure you are not smoking. Ideally, when refilling a tank, you should be outdoors. Barring that, make sure you are in a well-ventilated location. When adding fuel, make sure to avoid spilling it on the ground or on yourself. If you spill fuel on yourself, it is recommended that you change your clothing. 

Step Two: Place The Machine on A Clean/Flat Surface

To avoid spilling fuel, you should place the machine down on a flat and level surface that is clear of debris. You should clean the area around the tank opening with a clean cloth before opening the tank. 

Step Three: Open The Tank On Your STIHL Brushcutter

Raise the filler cap flap and then turn the cap counter-clockwise until the cap is loosened and can be easily removed from the tank. Again, make sure that the entire machine is on a flat and level surface so that any remaining fuel cannot spill out before taking the cap off. 

Step Four: Pouring In Fuel

Carefully and slowly fill the tank with fuel, paying close attention and working to ensure that the fuel doesn’t spill or splash out. The tank is semi-transparent, so you can see the fuel level within it as you fill it. Once the tank is full, replace the cap and turn the cap as far as it can go clockwise so that it is tight with the tank. Look for any signs of leaks. If the machine is leaking, do not turn it on. 

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