How To Get Your Yard Ready For Fall

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How To Get Your Yard Ready For Fall

Most people save their yard and landscape projects for when the warmer months are in season. Little do they know, the Fall is an important time to preserve your lawn and all your backyard plants from freezing over the course of the winter. With how cold the winters get here in New England, taking these precautions are extremely important to the health of your plants. Here are some ways to help the look and health of your lawn:

Start your planting now

Fall is the best time of year to plant bulbs such as shrubs, trees, tulips, and daffodils. The Fall soil is warm, which helps roots form and grow. These new plants have some time to settle in and get growing before the hot summer arrives again. They will end up thriving when spring approaches!

Apply 2-3 inches of mulch

Putting down mulch in the fall helps protect your plants roots from the winter frost and help maintain moisture in the ground. Mulch is really beneficial to your plants and yard in general. It acts as a blanket.

Wrap your plants and small trees

Freezing temperatures can harm some of your favorite backyard plants, shrubs, and trees. To give plants some protection from these cold winter elements, cover or wrap them in a fabric or burlap material and plant them with a structure that can protect them from wind. You want them to be able to safely make it out of the cold seasons. Although it might not look the best, you’d rather keep them safe than have to start all over again when the warm weather comes back around.

Fertilize your lawn in early fall

Find a fertilizer that is able to correctly meet your lawn’s needs and follow the product’s instructions on spreading it on your yard. If you are unsure about what your lawn may need, call up a lawn care or landscape expert to provide you with accurate information so that your lawn will come out looking the best it can. You can also test the soil to see what ratio is going to be best for your specific lawn needs. Early preparation can give you a spring and summer of green, full grass in your yard. 

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