How to Safely Cut Down Tree Branches

How to Safely Cut Down Tree Branches

Having big, beautiful trees on your property is something to be proud of. Trees hold a lifetime of memories and help bring us all closer to nature. It’s easy to assume that those big, beautiful trees just naturally grew that way, but that’s far from the truth! Trees require regular maintenance to achieve a good shape and an overall healthy tree. Trimming trees is no small task though, so let’s discuss some of the safety basics everyone needs to know. 

Why Should Tree Branches be Cut? 

Tree branches should be cut for a number of reasons. First, trees that are overgrown pose a safety risk to people on the ground below. Low hanging branches are more likely to result in an accident or injury. The health of the tree is important too though! Trimming trees actually promotes healthy growth. Any diseased or dead areas of the tree can be removed so the rest of the tree is able to stay healthy. The remaining tree growth can be directed in the area that you want it to go to perfectly fit your vision! 

Tree Trimming Basics 

The safest way to trim tree branches is to start from below. Cut about 1/3 of the way into the branch you want to remove. Then, cut the rest of the way through on the top of the branch. When the two cuts meet in the middle, the branch will fall straight down. Trimming trees requires the use of manual or powered tools to cut through the wood. Make sure you’re familiar and confident with the tree trimming tools you plan to use. Wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes and thick gloves to protect your hands is always a good idea! Enlist a friend or family member to help with the tree trimming process. Not only will this make it easier for you, but it also ensures someone will be present to call for help if an accident does occur. 

Hiring a Professional 

No one said trimming trees have to be a DIY job! If you’re lacking the tools, knowledge, or time to trim trees yourself, hiring a professional tree trimming service is a great option. Professional tree trimmers will be more knowledgeable about what areas of the tree actually need to be removed and how to safely remove them. Professional tree trimming services typically include clean-up after the fact too, so you won’t be left with a yard covered in tree limbs! 

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