Leaf Blowers: Make Quick Work, of Yard Work, All Year Round!

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Leaf Blowers: Make Quick Work, of Yard Work, All Year Round!

When you think of a leaf blower, you might just picture clearing the yard on a crisp autumn day. But despite its name, they’re actually more versatile than that! Leaf blowers can be used year-round. Here are a few ideas on how to use a leaf blower during any season!



As New Englanders, we know just how fickle mother nature can be. One day you’re enjoying 60-degree weather, and the next, you’re throwing on your snow gear to go tackle a surprise winter storm. If you wake up one morning only to find a blanket of snow covering your car and yard, don’t go straight for your scraper or shovel! Instead, gas up the old’ leaf blower and easily blow away the snow.



The springtime can bring many rainstorms which cause debris to fly all over your property. Keep your yard and driveway clean by blowing away leaves, sticks, twigs, and pine needles!



If you love your luscious green lawn, but hate it when grass clippings turn brown and cover up the green grass below, grab a leaf blower instead of rake! Grass clippings can be easily blown away to the nearest compost pile or to a single location for easier bagging!



Of course, the best way to use a leaf blower during the fall is to use it to blow away the dead leaves. Don’t let the leaves sit too long, as they can become slippery and cause someone to slip and fall.


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