Propane vs. Kerosene Portable Heaters

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Propane vs. Kerosene Portable Heaters

Even though we have electricity at home, what will you do when there’s a power outage? What will you bring as a source of heat when you go camping? We take electricity for granted. Having a backup source of heat and light can be beneficial for emergencies. Even with COVID, many people are spending time in their garages to be able to hang out with friends safely instead of being indoors. They are using portable heaters to keep warm. Here are the differences between kerosene and propane heaters and why you should consider using them:

Which is Safer?

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, if your garage is not ventilated correctly, there will be a safety issue. Both kerosene and propane heaters give off carbon monoxide that will be dangerous in an enclosed area. Propane is an odorless, highly flammable gas, so you have to be very careful using it. Propane is also known as being cleaner than kerosene. Kerosene is not as risky to use indoors because fires only start when liquid and the spark come in contact with one another. You will be able to smell spilled kerosene, unlike propane. 

Where Can you Find Propane and Kerosene?

Kerosene can be harder to find as well. Kerosene tanks can be found at home improvement stores or camping stores, but if you are able to get it at a gas station, it can be cheaper. Propane is more common and easier to find in your town or nearby and is cheaper. This is because gas grills use propane. You can find it at grocery stores, gas stations, home improvement stores, and even in other places. 

Are Propane Heaters or Kerosene Heaters More Expensive?

Propane is a cost-effective source of fuel. It is cheap to buy, even though it fluctuates. Propane will always be of the same quality and won’t have a bad effect on the efficiency of the heater. You can also choose how much heat you want to come out of your propane heater. Kerosene is more expensive, and you’ll want to figure out how much heat you are getting per gallon. It is a more energy-dense fuel. You will also want high-quality kerosene to use in your heater. Unlike propane, you can get different quality kerosene. Having better quality fuel can help you get more heat as well. 

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