Properly Using a Floor Grinder

floor grinder

Properly Using a Floor Grinder

A floor grinder is a great tool to use for leveling, cleaning, and polishing concrete floors. Floor grinders are built of flat discs that turn to finish off rough surfaces and flatten sharp edges. Diamond bits in a disk grind the floor to get the wanted amount of shine. If you are looking to do any work around your home, you might need the help of a floor grinder. There are two kinds of floor grinders: large and traditional, or newer and smaller handheld models. Both can get you the same results, but each choice needs different skills. Handheld models are typically used for worktops, while the conventional model is used for patios and floors. Here are some tips to know about floor grinders if you have never used one before:

Use of a Grinder

Floor grinders are used to take a thin layer off of the surface of a floor in order to polish it. It can also remove small stains since it’s take a layer off. How the floor looks to begin with will determine how much you need to polish it. Floor grinders can make your floor look good as new! You just need to know how to use it correctly.

Methods for Using the Floor Grinder

Grinders can be used in both dry and wet situations. Using a grinder when it is wet can cool off the diamond grits while getting rid of dust. The water can be used as a lubricating liquid and gets rid of friction. It’s messy but it can help with the life of the tools. If you use it dry, the machine polishes the floor while individual containers in the grinder hold the dust. You can use both methods together if you wish to! It’s one of the best options.


For grinding, you are going to want to use the dry method of floor grinding. Move the floor grinder from side to side, but not in a circular motion so that you don’t end up making swirls on the floor. Keep on grinding until you get a consistent floor level with all imperfections removed. Check the blocks to ensure they are even. Gradually replace the grinding blocks and use a coarser grinding block until you need to polish the floors. 

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