At Tri-Rent-All, we offer the most complete equipment rental services in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Hampton New Hampshire, and the greater Boston area. We offer a wide variety of construction equipment including Demolition Equipment, Lawn & Landscaping Equipment, and Heavy Machinery. Oftentimes certain pieces of equipment are much better suited to renting than they are to purchasing because of their size of price. Explore our inventor of rental equipment of all types for Hampton and Portsmouth.

Landscaping & Hardscaping Equipment Rentals

For all your lawn and garden care needs, our landscaping equipment rentals are available for projects large and small. Renting can give you the flexibility you need, even for landscaping companies, less common projects don’t always warrant the purchase of a larger piece of equipment. Get your landscaping and hardscaping projects done right and on time with our rentals. For our full selection see here.

Sawing & Grinding Equipment Rentals

We provide rentals of electric grinders that are ideal for smoothing out and polishing concrete and stone surfaces. Our wide selection of electric saws includes band saws, toe kick saws, undercut saws, and saws all. Whatever it is you are looking to cut, we have the right equipment to make it happen. View our full selection here.

Demolition Equipment Rentals

For heavy construction that requires going deep into the ground, our demolition and heavy drilling tools are your best bet. Owning these heavy tools isn’t easy which makes renting the best choice. We offer a wide selection of rentals including jack hammers, air hammers, post drivers, and rock drills that are built to tear up the road, foundation, concrete or whatever you’re looking to tear up. Check out our full selection here.

Contact Tri-Rent-All

No matter what your rental needs are, we can certainly be of service to you. We offer plenty of equipment rentals of all kinds, as well as sharpening and other kinds of repair. If you need any help repairing or replacing a damaged tool, feel free to reach out to us any time! You can reach us at (603) 431-1109 or by contacting us here.