The Benefits of Renting a Wood Chipper this Fall

two workers feeding the wood chipper

The Benefits of Renting a Wood Chipper this Fall

With fall right around the corner, you will notice that the leaves are starting to hit the ground and people are needing to get their lawns in order before winter settles in. As you may well know, leaves aren’t the only thing that is hitting the ground. That’s why we recommend that you get a woodchipper this fall to help with your lawn care needs. As you can imagine, woodchippers are not the cheapest tool out there. Therefore, renting one may be a better option for you. If you’re needing a little bit of incentive, take a look below at the top 3 reasons why you should rent a woodchipper this fall.



Because it’s not yours, there’s no commitment.


Again, it’s no secret that woodchippers can get to be quite expensive. They are a great tool to have, but unless you are in the landscaping business, chances are that you will only be using it about once a month. Renting a woodchipper is more economical than just outright buying one, any day. On top of that, if your storage space is at all limited, purchasing a woodchipper may not be in your best interest because it will just take up more space.



Helps reduce your carbon footprint.


Whenever you decide to rent a woodchipper, you are giving yourself more opportunities to use the wood apart from just a bonfire. Using a woodchipper allows you to make sawdust or even small wood chips that can be used in a garden bed. Although it’s just a small step in being eco-friendlier, every little bit helps.



They are very convenient.


Because they are so small, hauling a woodchipper around is nothing short of convenient. No matter what your job is, using a woodchipper will help to reduce the time that it takes to complete it. The woodchipper does all the work of breaking down the wood so that you do not have to.  If you’re in the landscape business, this will give you the ability to do more jobs in a shorter amount of time. If you are using a woodchipper for your own yard, then you’ll be that much closer to being able to go inside and do something else that is more enjoyable.


These are just a few reasons why you should rent a wood chipper this Fall. Make your life a lot easier and get one today at Tri-Rent-All.

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