Tips For Transporting a Backhoe Loader

The fact that some people would even consider transporting a backhoe loader by driving it directly on the road is, quite frankly, mind-boggling. Nevermind that even though it’s a piece of machinery that technically comes with wheels and a steer, it’s not made to be driven more than on the premise of a construction site.


It’s also not a small move financially, either. Think about it: most backhoe loaders can only travel up to 22 mph, and consume about 1.1 gallons of fuel per hour – and that’s a minimum. Now, take these numbers and consider how many miles you’d have to drive to get the backhoe loader from point A to point B, and the results will most likely hurt your pockets. 


The only viable way of transporting this particular piece of equipment is by having it shipped professionally. Determine if you have to transport it all across the country, or even internationally. Other options aren’t realistic. But even if you agree that you have to bring in a team for transporting it, there are many other things you should know about how to move your backhoe loader safely.

Here’s the most comprehensive guide on the subject you’ll ever find.


What Is a Backhoe Loader?


A backhoe is a large construction machinery that helps you dig up natural elements from the ground faster than it would take a team of people to do. It almost looks like a tractor, except it features a large bucket at the end of a two-part pivoting arm. 


Numerous issues can pop up during the digging process, making it harder for the workers to get the job done on their own. But, if you automate this process, you can better control these unpredictable scenarios and get the job done easier and faster than you would expect. 


It’s quite common for companies to have to ship their equipment for long distances. After all, you have to go where the job takes you, right? But because of its design, a backhoe loader isn’t meant to be driven long distances. Moreover, it’s also quite a massive piece of machinery, with an odd shape that even if you bring in a professional to transport it, they might have some difficulties in getting the job done unless they are adequately prepared. 


Shipping Your Backhoe Loader


According to the A-1 Auto Transport shipping company, the best way to ship a backhoe loader is by using an open-air trailer, like a flatbed truck. Because of its rather unusual shape, there’s always the question of whether the equipment would even fit properly inside the container with closed trailers. But, if you go with the open-air method, you don’t have to worry about that.


A-1 Auto Transport also says the company you hire for shipping the equipment should have licensed professionals who will secure the backhoe, making sure it will safely arrive at its destination. 


However, many feel they should avoid open-air shipping methods because it exposes their equipment to the outside elements, such a rain, snow, or even falling off the bed. However, these concerns don’t measure up with reality. Flatbed shipment is extremely safe. That’s because your equipment will be adequately secured, and even covered to protect it from bad weather and other outside elements. And, as a plus, flatbed shipment is often a lot cheaper than closed-containment shipping, so you can even save a few bucks.  


Why Should You Choose a Hauling Company?


When transporting very heavy pieces of machinery, it’s always better to go the professional route. Here are some of the main reasons why:


Companies Have all the Necessary Tools


The most obvious reason why you should hire professionals to take care of your shipment is the tools argument. Most of the companies will recommend flatbeds to transport the backhoe loader, especially if you’re only shipping nationally. However, if you need to ship internationally, then they can also provide closed-containment shipments to transport the equipment by sea.


Companies Are Insured


Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenario, but considering your equipment is quite expensive, you have to take into consideration everything that can go wrong, and you can protect your property.


Professional moving companies generally have insurance and will assume the liability of the goods during transport. So, in case something goes wrong, and your backhoe is damaged during transport, the company’s insurance covers your assets. Just remember that “insured” is a very vague term, so be sure to specifically ask about the terms of the coverage to be completely aware of how much the policy covers. 


Companies Have Experienced Staffers


Another big perk of working with a professional moving team is the experience they have in transporting heavy machinery. Companies have highly-trained staff with practical knowledge in securing and carrying construction equipment. If the company you choose has moved backhoes in the past, even better.


It’s More Efficient


Moving your backhoe loader with a professional transportation company makes sense, strategically. Think about how much you have to worry about if you try to do it independently. From renting a vehicle capable of moving such a large piece of equipment, to getting the right tools to secure it, hiring a driver, and covering all the costs in case something goes wrong – the time, energy, and money spent in this scenario don’t make it a beneficial strategy in any way. 


What to Look for in a Transportation Company


If you quickly Google “backhoe transport company,” you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of results advertising many companies, all of which claim to offer you the same thing.


The reality paints a different picture, however, and when you are looking to hire a team, you need to look at a few key aspects carefully:


  • Do they have the right experience for what you need?
  • Do they have the proper tools for the job?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have the necessary credentials? Companies that handle shipment are legally required to be licensed and have a number of credentials to activate in the business. These licenses are given out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in the U.S.
  • Do they agree to a contract?


Any “no” answer at the above questions is a red flag, and an excellent reason to keep looking. 


Back to You


So, there you have it, everything you need to know about transporting a backhoe loader, from what it entails to why it’s always better to bring in an experienced team to do it.


Remember to do a bit of research on the company you consider to make sure it checks out, and your transport will go smoothly. A lot of companies say they can get the job done, but they can either lack the experience or not have the tools to do it, thus putting your assets at risk. 


For all your equipment needs, contact Tri-Rent-All online or visit our Hampton or Portsmouth locations! We’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding the power equipment you need for a residential or a commercial project and may also offer extra help.


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