Using a Wallpaper Steamer to Redo Walls in Your Home

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Using a Wallpaper Steamer to Redo Walls in Your Home

Wallpaper goes in and out of style very quickly – but it’s a pain to remove from a wall! To make it easier, use a wallpaper steamer. Tri-Rent-All can provide you with a wallpaper steamer rental to take care of any room makeover in your home. Having wallpaper in your home that you know has been there for years will come off a whole lot easier with a steamer. If you’ve never used a wallpaper steamer before, here are the steps to using one:

Prep The Wall

Before you begin to steam, you’ll want to make sure the rest of your wall is ready. Remove any electrical faceplates you have and cover the outlets. You don’t want water getting in there! Also, cover light switches as well. 

Test The Adhesion

Some wallpapers are strong and will stick to your wall with a lot of force. Sometimes wallpaper is put on with a strong glue that is easily peelable. Before steaming, try to see if you can peel any of it off. If not, you’ll need to steam all of it.


Use a wallpaper perforator tool. They have rollers with spikes that created small holes in the wallpaper. This is a suitable method if you are using a solvent, but it also helps with the steaming. 

Set Up The Steamer

When setting up the steamer, you have to connect the hose to the hotplate to fill the steamer’s tank. Put some drop cloths around the area where the wall is that you are going to steam. They will catch any wallpaper that falls to the ground. After that, you should plug in the steamer to allow it to warm up before you start to use it.

Start Steaming

To use the steamer, place the steamer pad on the wallpaper and hold it there for enough time to get the steam to penetrate through the wallpaper and make the glue soften. If you don’t allow enough moisture to go through, you’ll have a more challenging time getting the wallpaper off. Don’t hold it there too long, though, because the steam and moisture can damage your walls. 

Scrape The Wallpaper

After applying enough steam, it’s time to get the wallpaper off. You’ll notice the wallpaper loosen, and then you can scrape. Use a scraping tool or a putty knife made of plastic to scrape it off. You might find that you need more steam as you go along, which is fine! In no time, you’ll have your wallpaper removed, and your walls will be ready for their next design!

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