What is a Pole Saw?

A pole saw is a saw attached to the end of a pole. Either powered or not for tree trimming. If powered, it will most likely take the form of a small powered saw (chainsaw) on a pole. The power source can be a gas engine, battery, or electric. A pole saw that is non-powered has a pruning saw at the end of a pole, therefore being a manual action pole saw. 

What’s a pole saw used for?

A pole saw can be utilized for pruning trees and large shrubs. A Pole Saw will give you the ability to remove those branches that would usually require you to use a step ladder. A pole saw not only just helps do away with the constant up and downing, but it can also be used very efficiently to reach across an object, like a hedge, for example. It’s all much less of a hassle with a pole saw, particularly a powered pole saw. So, if your garden or work area has any trees, the pole saw will certainly help you out. No more constantly repositioning your ladder, the job will become far easier.

Pole saw choice

When it comes to picking your powered pole saw, the first thing to ask yourself is – Which kind of powered pole saw will best meet my needs? Size and price will probably be top of the list along with what type of power it uses. Just like hand saws, pole saws are possible to get in various designs and types, saw blade length, length of the pole, and power type. The length of the bar is a rough guide to the size of branches it’s able to cut. Some pole saw can be used for sawing at ground level. The chainsaw can easily be detached from the pole.

What is your pole saw requirements?

Small twigs and general light pruning, although above head height, could probably be done with a simple non powered pole saw or pole pruners and would not require a powered pole saw. If your area is somewhat large and does have some large trees, then a well-powered pole saw will probably be required – electric or gas-powered.

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