What is a Pole Saw?

A pole saw is a saw attached to the end of a pole. These come in a powered version or non powered. These tools can help you trim your trees easily and with little to no extra effort. Do you need a pole saw for your landscaping projects? Here are some facts to know about pole saws before you purchase or rent your own:

What’s a pole saw used for?

A pole saw is a great tool for being able to prune your tall trees and larger shrubs. A pole saw will give you the the reach without having to use a ladder or have to stand on anything to get up higher. A pole saw can also help you reach across trees and hedges without having to move around. Getting a powered pole saw can help you efficiently trim and prune anything in your yard. You will quickly realizes how great these tools are and will make your life a lot easier in terms of yard work and cleanup.

Choosing a Pole Saw

When choosing a pole saw, you just need to see which ones will meet your specific pruning needs. Looking at prices and sizes will help you determine which one would be best. Pole saws comes in different lengths, styles, and sizes to fit the needs of anyone who is looking to buy or rent one. Check the length of the bar to see how long of branches it would be able to cut. Some pole saws can be used at ground level rather than up high above you head because the chainsaw portion can be detached if needed.

Pole Saw Requirements

When you have any light pruning to do on your trees, you probably won’t need a powered pole saw. If you have a lot of trees to do and they are large, then a pole saw can probably be your best option. You just need to scope out the trees and figure out what will be best for the task at hand. Some people may use them for smaller tasks or just save their pole saw for the bigger trimming and pruning projects they need to do. 

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