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What is an Air Hammer?

The air hammer was first invented in 1890. After four years of the invention being around, it was patented by Charles Brady King in 1894. An air hammer can also be known as an air chisel to some people. Many years ago, people used a traditional hammer and a chisel. With the development of time, the conventional hammers were replaced by the air hammer. An air hammer is a pneumatic tool used to dig holes or cut within a surface, as well as to form or level a surface area. Air hammers can be used for so many DIY home projects and are available to rent. 

The Piston

The piston of an air hammer is the only part of the hammer that actually moves. It’s found inside a cylinder, which runs very rapidly from the compressor’s air pressure. Following the air hammer, the piston moves up and down, and opens a valve that supports the compressed air to penetrate the cylinder. With the high speed, air sweeps the top of the piston, and then it covers all over the inner part of the barrel from above, and it forces to go underneath. When it gets to the bottom, it pushes upwards again. It’s a cycling process that performs that same cycle thousands of times each minute.


By utilizing air compression, the air hammer does its job. The compression air is the primary source of power that makes it work. Air compressors are one kind of large air tank which is connected to a motor. The engine provides pressurized air in the tank until it fulfills. The random movements of the air help the hammer to be operational. The compressor’s size differ according to the air hammer’s size. Small air hammers need small compressors at the same time; more massive air hammers need bigger compressors. 


There are various reasons to use an air hammer, but it is perfect for when you are nailing. You’ll see there are numerous bits when you go to use the air hammer. Different bits are used for various projects. The powerful drill bit works for drilling in a surface area. Some bits can be obtained to cut metal, steel, and and others for decorative and ornamental purposes. An air hammer can also be used to take out mortar or to remove rivets. 

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