What is the Difference Between Concrete Drilling & Coring?

Concrete coring and drilling are both common procedures for industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects. They are necessary for getting through tough surfaces like brick or concrete, which is often necessary for installing ventilation, plumbing, or electrical systems. Being able to create channels through solid materials is an important part of the construction process. But concrete coring and drilling are actually different processes and have different applications. In this article, we will discuss those differences. 

drilling into concrete using a drill or coring core machine rented from tri rent all on a residential or commercial site to replace the ground or create a foundation for a new build

What Is Concrete Coring?

At first impression, coring and drilling don’t seem very different. In both cases, a channel is being created in a solid material like stone or concrete. But the defining characteristic of concreting coring is the size of the hole being created. Concrete coring requires a much larger drill bit. This is often necessary for making large holes in concrete for the installation of pipes, drains, vents, or other larger structures. Both residential and commercial projects often require coring and concrete cutting to install the core elements of the plumbing systems and similar systems. 

What Is Concrete Drilling?

drilling into concrete using rental equuipment for efficient and affordable tools to break through the hard material without causing damage to the structure

A concrete drilling tool is making a much smaller hole through the concrete. This has some obvious applications. Concrete drilling might be needed for simple wires. Small electrical wires or cabling do not require the same circumference as pipes or industrial systems. One of the reasons that construction companies use this process is that it ensures that the majority of wiring in a home or other property is safely encapsulated by concrete. This has some obvious advantages. Most notably, it protects wires from pests and other forms of damage that can happen when wires are exposed. The concrete around the wire acts as a natural insulator from damage. 

What Tools Do I Need for Concrete Coring or Drilling?

As we mentioned above, both of these processes work by breaking through concrete or other hard stone-like material. For that reason, they need a lot of power behind them and need bits made of materials that can effectively and quickly break through stonework. For example, many concrete coring or drilling machines use diamond blades or drill tips because of the hardness of the diamond and how effective it is at breaking down strong materials. There are other benefits to using a diamond drill. Because diamonds are one of the toughest materials, they work efficiently, make less dust, and are more effective at breaking away concrete without causing cracks or damage. Similar to using a sharp knife to cut through materials, the hardness of the diamond drill bit is more effective at quickly cutting through concrete. 

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