What Tools Do I Need for a Roofing Project?

what tools do I need for roofing?

What Tools Do I Need for a Roofing Project?

Roofing is no easy task, not only do you need tools for the actual work being done, and specialized tools for removing and adding on shingles, but you also need all the right equipment for getting on (and safely staying on) the roof at all times. Of course, the tools you will need depend on what type of roof is being done, as well as the size and shape of your home to a degree. However we will only be outlining the tools you need for a traditional shingle roof.


This of course is the most important tool on the list, especially when it comes to roofing. Without a proper ladder you will be unable to get onto your roof at all, so make sure you invest in a good one that you can carry with ease.

Safety Harness

While not necessarily a tool, it is an important piece of equipment to have at all times while on the job. Without your harness you should not be up on your roof in the first place, so make sure you get one that fits well and adjusts quickly.

Pry Bar

This convenient little tool will help you remove old shingles, as well as install new ones, all with one simple movement. Keep in mind that the best pry bars are made of hardened steel.

Nail Puller

This is your go-to tool for removing old nails from the roofing material.It needs to be forged out of an extremely strong piece of metal, since it will often be bowing under the pressure placed on it.

Leaf Rakes

These will be used for removing debris after you’ve cleaned off your roof. They are especially important if you plan on doing any repairs, since they help to prevent anything like broken shingles or nails from injuring anyone, or damaging property that sits below the roof.

Roofing nail guns

These are standard nail guns that will help you secure shingles in both their upper and lower layers. These tools come equipped with an air compressor, either electric or gas powered, which can get extremely heavy if carried around for very long. The average roofer will carry 2-3 nails guns around with them at all times.

Hammer tacker stapler

This tool is essential for anyone who plans on working with shingles. It can be used to secure the lower layer in its place, while also helping you to lay down your roofing paper.

Air compressor

This is the second largest tool on the list. Most of the time you will be using it with your nail guns, though there are some jobs where it can help to reduce fatigue by powering pneumatic tools directly.

Roofing blade or utility knife

This is an essential tool for anyone who plans on doing any repairs or replacements. You can also use it to cut tar paper, roofing paper and shingles if you don’t already have a saw.

Roofing shovel or shingle tear-off tool

This is used to loosen the shingles and remove them from the roof without bending or damaging them. They can either be made with a flat blade or an angled one, though if you’re only doing light repairs then the angled ones work best for lifting off small amounts of shingle material at a time.

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