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What You Can Clean with a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are powerful and versatile tools that can feature either an electric motor or a gas engine that powers a pump, forcing water at significantly high pressure through a hose and a concentrating spray nozzle. This allows for easy and fast removal of accumulated dirt and grime, debris and even paint on many surfaces, from pavements to patios. Pressure washers should be handled with care and caution, and not be treated like typical garden hoses because they are not particularly because of their strong cutting capabilities. No matter the spray setting that is used on a cleaning job, you can never be too careful in how you use a pressure washer. Here’s a look at some of the things that you can clean with a pressure washer.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be made of mesh, plastic and wood and can accumulate dirt over time. Rather than tediously using a wash rag and soap to clean your dirty furniture, a pressure can make quick work cleaning them. All you need to do is to place your furniture on a level surface and with a 40-degree nozzle, spray the furniture from top to bottom. If there are tough stains that need some extra work to remove, spot-cleaning using a brush and soap could do the trick

Outdoor Cushions Can Be Cleaned Too

It may seem impossible, but heavy-duty outdoor fabrics can be cleaned using a pressure washer. When washing cushions, you want to ensure that the PSI is at the lowest setting to reduce the risk of tearing the fabric. A 65 degree flat fan spray tip is ideal for cushions, and if the tip is adjustable, set the pressure on a low point. On a flat surface, wash the cushions from side to side at a distance of roughly 16 inches. Rinse and let them sun-dry, or if you prefer, through them in the dryer at an appropriate temperature.

Concrete Cleaning

Many driveways are the entrance to a home and it should be kept clean and inviting. There are a number of things that can cause your driveway to need a power wash. A cracked driveway allows dirt and debris to get trapped between the cracks causing unsightly weeds to grow and the cracks spread at a faster rate. Dirt stain and oil stains can take your driveway from fab to drab, but with a power washer, you can limit the growth of weeds and the cracks from expanding. Big cracks will cost you money to repair, or even worse, your pavement may need to be replaced eventually. 

To get rid of oil on your driveway, use a degreaser as a pre-treatment, then with the soap tip, spray the region with detergent and rinse afterwards. For adequate power when cleaning, use an angled tip between 15 and 25 degrees that will remove dirt but still keep the surface intact. Use the pressure in a left to right motion, with the tip roughly 12 inches from the surface and limit streaks by keeping the sweeping motion consistent. You want to avoid spending money that you don’t have to by adequately maintaining your driveway, and using a power washer to clean it can help to do just that.

Give Wood Surfaces a Wash-down

Maybe you have a deck, siding or fence that needs a good cleaning. A pressure cleaner is strong enough to adequately perform the job of making your wood surfaces sparkly looking. With the pressure washer, a 15 to 25 degree tip is ideal. To wash your wood surface, begin washing at the top and spray vertically to avoid streaks, while keeping your distance between 12 and 16 inches. Consider using detergent to prewash if your wood surface is heavily soiled.

Bikes and Outdoor Toys

Your kids’ bikes and other toys can be cleaned with a pressure washer without causing damage if put on the appropriate pressure setting.  A 40-degree low-setting tip is best for bicycles and will keep the seat and tires intact while cleaning. For metal areas that may be stubborn to clean at that low setting, use a lower-degree tip.

Try a Garbage Can

No one wants dirty, smelly trash cans sitting around, but you can tackle its foul smell and buildup of grime with an all-over pressure-wash. Presoak the interior of your trash can with a mixture of detergent and water. This will serve as a disinfectant and remedy the foul stench that persists. Use a 40-gauge nozzle to prevent damaging the surface of the garbage can.

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A pressure washer is an incredibly versatile tool that can help you with several cleaning tasks. The professionals at Tri-Rent-All can answer questions that you may have regarding pressure washers and help you to make the right choice for your specific cleaning needs. You don’t have to be stuck with tough messes when a pressure washer can make life much easier.

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