Why Should I Have My Mower Blades Sharpened?

sharpening a lawn mower blade

Why Should I Have My Mower Blades Sharpened?

Are you getting ready to store away your lawnmower for the rest of the year? There may only be a couple more weeks of needing to mow your lawn. Take this time to get the mower blades sharpened, so you are prepared for when Spring 2021 rolls around. Mower experts recommend having your blades sharpened two or three times a season, but many people don’t. Tri-Rent-All of Portsmouth and Hampton can sharpen blades for you. Why is sharpening your everyday tools important to the wellbeing and longevity of your tools? Here are some reasons:

Importance of Sharp Blades On Your Lawnmower

If you are someone that shaves their face or body, think about how nice it is to use a new razor blade. The shave is smooth, and you avoid cutting yourself and getting any infections. The same goes for a new mower blade! Having a freshly sharpened blade will help keep the grass healthy and growing correctly. Having dull mower blades can damage the growth of your grass or even rip it from the ground. Make sure your blades are sharp so your grass will look happy and healthy!

Knowing When To Sharpen The Blade

Now that we are at the beginning of the Fall season, having to mow your lawn won’t be happening much longer. Before storing away your mower, check the blades. If you see any bends or dents in the blade, it’s time to replace it or have in sharpened. Keep in mind that obstructions in your grass can be why you have any damage to the blades. Be sure to move any rocks or large sticks or branches before mowing your lawn. Having the blades sharp can also help you use less gas while mowing. There are lots of benefits to sharpening your mower blades!

Balance The Blades

Besides making sure the blades are sharp, balancing them is also essential in providing a clean cut on your lawn. After the blades are sharpened, use a blade-balancer to test out the balance. If you don’t own a blade-balancer, don’t stress! The professionals at Tri-Rent-All will make sure the blades are properly sharpened and balanced so that your lawn looks its best. Having a fully ready mower for the Spring will have you feeling stress-free this Fall and Winter season. 

Contact Tri-Rent-All

Tri-Rent-All is happy to provide you with blade sharpening services in New Hampshire. We have locations in both Portsmouth and Hampton, so come on in, and we can help you with your mower or chainsaw! If you have any questions, call our Hampton or Portsmouth stores or fill out our contact form to get in touch with our professionals!

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