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Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Carpets

If not cleaned correctly, your carpet can carry four thousand times more germs than a toilet seat. To keep your carpets clean, you’ll need to vacuum them every week and steam clean them regularly. 

Lack of Carpet Cleaning Affects Air Quality

Indecent carpet upkeep can lower the quality of your indoor air. If your carpet hasn’t been routinely cleaned, it can have an indoor air quality rating that’s up to ten times worse than outdoor air quality. With allergens and smog outside, dirty carpets pose a notable health concern. Keeping carpets clean is especially crucial for those who have allergies, as the removal of dust and another buildup is critical in limiting irritation. Pets shed their fur, hair, and dander, and if they are going in and out of the house, they carry in dirt and allergens from outside as well. Pollen and dust from the outdoors are major allergens. If you or anyone else living in your home have seasonal allergies, it is really important to keep your carpets clean. This can save you a lot of tissues and nose-blowing in the long run!

Cleaning Because of Pets is Crucial

If you have pets, you should be cleaning your carpets every 4-6 weeks. Between steam treatments, it’s good to vacuum every day. Though this may sound extreme, it’s essential. Vacuuming daily keeps you and your family protected from the bacteria that pets bring in to grow in the carpets. If you notice that your carpet has a small due to pet accidents, try the baking soda to remove the smell. What you have to do is put baking soda on the affected parts of the carpet, let it sit on the carpet for 24 hours, and then vacuum it up the next day.

Take Spot Cleaning Your Carpets Seriously 

For any serious carpet issues, which can frequently occur if you’ve got kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic, it’s crucial to handle problem spots quickly yourself, and then rent a carpet cleaner to make sure the entire stain gets out. Depending on how much movement an area gets, it’s essential to use common sense to decide how often to vacuum and use carpet cleaning treatments. Don’t let a small stain void your warranty or be an annoyance. Just try to take care of it immediately to protect your carpet’s endurance and warranty coverage. 

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