Why You Should Consider Renting a Generator

Generators are very helpful pieces of equipment. Sometimes you will need a backup generator in case of a power outage. If you don’t have one handy, it can stop your project or work. Are you looking to rent a generator or buy one? It all depends on if you want a permanent backup solution or if you know it will only be temporary. Here are some reasons to rent your generator:

Save Some Money

A lot of the time, renting a generator is a cheaper option than outright purchasing one. Especially if the duration of needing a generator is short, there is no need to spend a lot of money by buying one. You will also end up saving money on maintenance and upkeep, as you won’t be responsible for doing it. Renting is overall one of the best options for saving money. 

Avoiding Maintenance

Avoid unnecessary costs! When you own a generator, they will need servicing and maintenance, which costs extra money. When you rent a generator, you don’t have to worry about paying for it. You’ll know when you rent a generator that it is in top condition and well maintained, and when you return it, we will check it out again for the next customer. 


Being able to rent a generator will help with the flexibility of your business or another project. If you need a more powerful generator model, you get to return your rental anyway. You won’t have to waste money on purchasing a whole new one. Rentals can be used for however long you need them, so starting by renting instead of buying will help your wallet.

Insurance and Warranty

When you choose to rent a generator, you won’t get stuck paying for insurance or a warranty. You may end up paying renter’s insurance, but it won’t be as expensive as purchasing insurance. This insurance will protect you during an emergency or for the malfunction of the generator.

A Great Last-Minute Option

When disaster strikes, you may need to turn to some last-minute options. Generators are used as an emergency power source, so when a storm knocks out your power or a fuse blows, you know you can turn to Tri-Rent-All to get a speedy generator rental to keep you going.

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