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Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps

After chopping down that pesky tree in your yard, there will be some evidence. Leaving a stump behind isn’t a good choice. Opt to remove it as soon as you can! Tri-Rent-All can provide you with a stump grinder rental to take care of all the tree stumps on your property. Here are some reasons to get rid of them:

Stumps aren’t pretty

Aesthetically speaking, the sight of a stump isn’t appealing in any yard. If you’re a stickler about your yard and landscape, removing the stump is well worth it. 

Stumps are a hazard

Stumps are a danger to your children. When running around and playing in your yard, they may not see the stump and trip right over it. If a neighbor trips, it’s a liability that falls into your hands. Besides, tree stumps can damage your mower if you accidentally hit one when cutting your lawn.

Stumps cause new tree growth

Sometimes leaving the stump behind can contribute to new sprouting trees, which can result in many small trees growing around it. This is not a good look to add to your landscaping and quite costly to remove them because the new shoots may keep coming back, and you may need to chemically kill them off. These small trees also take nutrients from other plants located near them, so your begonias may not receive all the nutrients they need.

Stumps are a pain to maneuver around

Leftover tree stumps become a nuisance, an obstacle you have to maneuver around when mowing or weeding your lawn. You also have to work around them when planning out lawn furniture. If you want your yard to be cohesive, even, and have a nice flow, you are better off getting rid of those stumps.

Stumps attract unwanted insects

When you leave stumps on your lawn, the decaying tree takes a while to completely rot away. While it decays, the stump attracts wood-boring pests that you are better off without. You might not care about them in your yard, but they can eventually spread to your home, and you don’t want that.

Stumps take up precious yard space

Especially if you don’t have the biggest yard, the space you lose from the roots and stump may take up a lot of space. You can use that space for a flowerbed, new patio, or table.  

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